02 June 2015

SPRING AFFAIR (playlist)

Spring is almost over & Summer is upon us.  i haven't shared any music since my Summer Flings of 2014, needless to say i'm long overdue.  just in case you enjoy my musical curations of new tunes sprinkled with a few classics, click on the photo below to access the folder of a fun mix i created a few weeks ago.  i recommend just clicking on the "download" button at the top left & in a few minutes, it will all be in a folder on your desktop:  
Spring Affair Playlist photo SpringAffair_zpsdn4g4ryv.jpg
if you'd rather just play it online, in the "view options" tab select "by name" so it will be in order & play through to the end.  if you download the folder, then i suggest you create a new playlist & drag all the MP3s into it.  i'm pretty sure it will place them in the oder i created & you'll have a good 3 hours of fun tunes to enjoy.  may you all have a smooth transition into the summer months ahead!  i'll close with one of the classics in the mix; a house track from 1986 often credited as the first house tune to crossover in the pop world & reaching 10th place in  the UK's mainstream single charts.  indeed, Love Can't Turn Around!!!