21 November 2011

painted love


not a bad thing to ask yourself with thanksgiving, the holidays, and my very own birthday coming up!!!
anyway, Cartier has unveiled Painted Love, a collaboration that finds Air‘s music coming together with the visuals credited to NYC's Waverly collective, but actually created & directed by Brooklyn-based BEN DICKINSON, with the participation of the talented illustrator IRINA DAKEVA. this short film — okay, you can call it a video if you absolutely must — is only the first installment of a projected three-part series sponsored by Cartier, with each one featuring a different combination of directors and musicians, and all of them providing their own answers to the thematic question “How far would you go for love?”

in the case of Painted Love, a dreamy, surrealistic piece of work, the hero is a passionate painter who pops in and out of the realms of reality and art, blurring the borders between the two as he pursues the dream girl from his paintings, who comes alive and beckons him to be with her. the series is set to be completed sometime next year, but Cartier isn’t waiting that long to start celebrating — on November 25, the official launch party for the trilogy will take place in Tokyo at Sound Museum Vision. not only will frequent Air accomplice Sébastien Tellier be performing live, there’ll also be DJ sets from Kitsuné co-founder Gildas Loaëc and, yes, Air themselves. But even if you aren’t able to catch a plane to Tokyo in time to party with the Parisian pop princes and their pals, you can still feast your eyes on the fruits of their work on this page and anticipate what’s still to come in Cartier’s series. also, check out this behind-the-scenes clip with Air's Jean-Benoît Dunkel: