16 November 2011

mirror mirror

looks like Immortals not only took in twice as much at the box office on its first weekend as it cost to make, but it very well could have taken all the action packed testosterone out of Tarsem's system. his latest, Mirror Mirror, is a much brighter tongue-in-cheek version of the classic Snow White fairytale:
Julia Roberts' queen might be more interesting of a character than Snow White herself, but at least, she's not a million times hotter than Snow White, you'll understand what i mean below... Nathan Lane keeps it light, The Social Network's Armie Hammer is eye candy enough, and the flamboyant costumes are rather fun.

if a Princess Bride style movie doesn't cut it for you, Rupert Sanders' darker Twilight version of Snow White will come out a few months later. my only question here: IS THE MIRROR ON CRACK?! how could Kristen Stewart (Snow White) ever be fairer than the much sexier Charleze Theron?! how could a pasty bony white chick be more attractive than a flawless South African queen?! c'mon now, if i was Charleze & some stupid mirror told me Kristen Stewart might be more beautiful, i'd be mad as hell. maybe that's why this austere version is a lot more violent than Tarsem's... still, the trailer is bad ass. besides, i'm slightly intrigued with what Marvel superhero Thor adds to the fairytale. what an interesting mashup to say the least:

the moral of the story is that a mirror can be quite right, or quite simply dead wrong. make sure you buy the right one!!!