21 March 2012


it's hysterical how the early to mid 90s have been completely revived so accurately by kids (yes, i'm "mature" enough to call them kids now) who weren't even of age to actually experience the 90s fashion & party scene like most of my friends & i have in our hayday... anyway, not exactly sure how it all happened, considering most of us who survived the 90s wouldn't have gone back in the first place... but i'm glad they're here again. i get to relive them a bit, with a clear head this time around!
Jeremy Scott is validating my raver days with
his latest collection (which i've already seen for years in a cooler DIY fashion at A Club Called Rhonda or Mustache
), vintage/90s Jean-Paul Gaultier is soooo wearable again, and Diplo's beats keep taking me back to the sound of crazy 90s wearhouse raves. his new video by a director born in the mid 80s i.e. too young to really experience the early 90s, Shomi Patwary, also kills it 90s street style!
express yourself, release the glow, attack the floor and work it low...

...Diplo is so damn hot, as usual! anyway, more about it HERE